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I discovered QOS by accident one afternoon,
and fell in love with the series immediately.
The costumes are lovely, the action exciting,
and the characters delightfuly entertaining.

05.06.02 Colonel Montoya Reference

Fireworks, the company in charge of QOS also has a show called "Relic Hunter". On a recent episode an evil military dictator was called "Colonel Montoya" - obviously a reference to QOS. (He was killed while opening Pandora's Box).

12.02.01 Anthony Lemke On EFC

Anthony Lemke was on Earth Final Conflict, although we might know him better as the dashing Captain Grisham. He played a similar character, evil but hansome on: Entombed Episode 509 of EFC. I recognized him instantly, despite the layers of makeup and lack of rapier :) Very cool!

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